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Loved it

Loves it

So excited about this! Wish it all worked.

I cant tell you how excited I was to see this. They did a great job with it, but the sound effects on the "Bow wow wow" and "meow" page dont work. Neither do a few of the animal sounds on the last page. Im pretty sad about that, but hopefully theyll fix it soon. I also would have thought a woman would have it sounds weird to me to hear a man reading it. Other than those broken animal sounds, I love it. Eagerly anticipating the next book!

Cute but somewhat underwhelming....

I eagerly bought this for my daughter after first buying the Going to Bed book app which I was really impressed with. Perhaps this particular book and illustrations dont lend themselves as well to the more unique and delightful interactivity found in Going to Bed but I did expect more overall. A classic Sandra Boynton story nonetheless.


This is gorgeous. And the bow wow wow & meow noises do work -- theres just a trick to it. The hidden animals are a hoot!

A classic, I love it

I bought the hard copy a long time ago. If you love Sandras books you will love this. Flawless design and execution. A Boynton best.

Kid hit

I like Sandra Boyton in general and this title is one of our favorites. My two kids LOVE this. My one year old gets ridiculously excited -especially at the dog sounds- but theres lots to keep my 3.5 year old entertained. This is the first iPad book weve bought so I have no point of comparison but its great. We also got The Going To Bed Book and we like it but, in my opinion, this one is better. And all the sound effects and visual actions worked in ours.

Absolute best book app ever for toddlers

Yes definitely the best !!! Thank u this is the real experience..over priced but worth every penny !!! Thank you...the Christmas books u made shud have been just like this one, the only one my toddlers like!!

Going to bed book was better

Great app, but the going to bed book was the superior one here. I dont know who or what to blame here, except maybe just that the content doesnt lend itself to interaction as well. Still, a great book and good buy.

Love this book but...

Let me say right away, that my daughter and I really enjoyed this book. Weve read it many times now, she loves the singing pigs! So, as a parent, this one is a five star book. However, as an English language teacher who loves to read to kids and wants to have this book displayed on a large screen TV/smart board I am disappointed. So far, I have had no luck getting it to show up on a screen. Since teachers regularly read books to students, and I read these to my ESL students, having this displayable on a large screen would be perfect! It would be great if all the app books had the video out ability for home and school use! Great book, never the less! We preferred this book but both are good buys.


We love the Sandra Boynton books and were thrilled to see them turned in to interactive books on the iPad! It says "Barnyard Dance" is coming soon and were excited for that...would also like to see some of the "Pookie" books!

Its good

I am a big fan of Sandra Boynton and as a teacher I enjoy the simplicity of her books with the cheery illustrations. The iPad books bring the illustrations to life. Touching them sometimes only gives you an "ouf" or sometimes fills the screen with shoes or socks, depending on the book. Get all three, they are all good! Cant wait to try them with my special needs students in September! Just remember, touch everything, you may be surprised what it does. :)


I just bought this app and theres no volume Ive tried everything, was wondering did anyone else have this problem? And is there anyway in fixing it?


Terrific book. Its pretty much perfect. No inbook or cover page ads like other books. The annimations were cute. I have listened to my wife read this book to my child probably 50 times so it was a bit odd to hear the male narrator read it in a completely different style. But I cant fault them for that. Perhaps they could update the book to allow for multiple narration choices given how short it is. They really should contact my wife because her version is exceptional. I highly recommend this little book. Perfect for babies under 1 year old. My wife has been reading this to my son from about 3 months to his current 8 months and it never gets old for her or him. :) I NOTE that some other reviewers say that the various sounds dont work. Thats not true. Its just not immediately obvious what you have to do. You dont just poke the cats and dogs for instance. You have to slide them left and right. It takes some trial and error to figure out how to make all the sounds. And, in my case, the book gave me a hint after a minute or so. I got all the sounds to work.

Very awesome

My 4 year old loves this book and the secrets you can find hidden. It is an adventure for him.


We love this book, thank you.

Sound disappeared!

Has anyone else had this issue? I bought all the Boynton apps and the sound stopped working even after I reloaded them. We really enjoyed them up to that point.


I either figured out the sound or they did! I love love love this app- I have all four and I think the way they have made this work is very clever.

No sound

Just downloaded this app and there is no sound. So disappointed!

Sound will not work

I would like a refund the sound is not working on this app.


Works perfectly my little one loves it

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